Who am I?

I am a Developer having successfully completed Web Development Immersive Program at General Assembly. With a deep passion for learning new cutting edge technologies, to immediately apply them, I am both highly self-taught through online learning programs, and formally trained by completing a more structured learning approach to Development.
I have a drive for working towards creative solutions to solving problems that truly make a difference in people's lives.

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A bit of diverse experience..

I have a variety experience so far. I have worked in fine dining for a casino in the front of the house in order to ensure customers have a most pleasurable evening.

I have also worked some time with a small business, in order to develop a beautiful website for them, as well as previously helping them to market their business through different mediums such as Google My Business & posting their featured products on the website I designed for them.

Having this experience has given me a passion not just for development, but to have the skillset to interact with people & understand the front end of consumer facing businesses, as well as some insight into the digital marketing side of smaller-sized businesses.

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Open to new positions

Currently I am looking for postions where knowing how to code is an asset & brings value to getting the job done well. I have taken number of online courses & programs in the Web Development field with courses in Udacity for Front End Web Developement & Treehouse for Full Stack Development, which introduced me in HTML, CSS, Git, JavaScript, & Ruby on Rails.

This was over the timeline of nearly a year, while working in my hometown of NW Pennsylvania in the city of Erie, PA. Before I temporarily left for in order to take a more structured approach towards further pursuing Development, while training on real world technologies, surrounded by a tight knit community of technologists, pushing me further in my career.

Responsive Layout

As websites are being accessed more & more by mobile phones, tablets, etc, it can be a challenge to serve to a variety of different sized devices. I strive to make websites be responsive.

Bootstrap 3

I have been implementing bootstrap as a framework in almost all the websites I have built & that includes this one. I like bootstrap as it is a proven web framework for building applications quickly.

Clean Code

I know first hand that it can be a challenge to view other people's code. One way I try to fix this is with commenting code & naming variables more explicitly to what they actually are in code.


I endeavor to use modern web technologies & frameworks, & strive to stay up to date with new improvements in web development. In my latest projects, I have used Ember, SASS, & Ruby on Rails, which were worthwhile in learning to build with.

Bring what you love to the world...

life is too short too not do what you love.